Architectural Lettering

At A.R.K. Ramos, one of the things that can help streamline our design process is when clients are able to send Vector images.

A vector graphic is necessary for signs with dimension. The design in a vector file is composed of mathematically mapped lines and points our machines follow when cutting the artwork.

The most common vector file types are .eps, .ai, and .pdf. This is normally something that people don’t have on their computers so reach out to your graphic designer!

ARK Ramos is the world leader in Ada Signage, Architectural Lettering, Custom Plaques and Metal Letters. Our plaques and letters are available in a variety of metals including aluminum, brass, bronze and stainless steel and zinc with every product covered by a lifetime limited warranty. Call +1800-725-7266 for more details now.

Are you interested in learning more about our design process or placing an order? 

Contact us today today!


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